Wednesday, July 28, 2010

MC Tingbudong Epilogue: The Two Jamels

Jamel Mims: Jamel Shabazz; no relation

Graffiti legend JAMESTOP, myself and Shabazz

E-Flat connections: Felton, Jerome, & Keith Selby

This is history right there, people!"

(Almost) Needless to say, the final night of the exhibit went well. Unlike the opening, it featured a rather intimate crowd of friends, writers, and fellow photographers--with a few standouts. Among the appearances were the legendary graff writer JamesTop-- and iconic street photographer of 1980's Brooklyn, Jamel Shabazz. Not only was it dope to chop it up about chinese graffiti orthography with a first generation writer, but my distinct honor to have Jamel's endorsement, memorialized through a photo of me & the crew.

Its a good thing I practiced my b-boy pose(s) in the mirror the night before.

Much respect to everyone coming out to support my endeavors--this is only the beginning!